NutriChoice - Your Choice For Nutritional Therapy

NutriChoice offers one to one bespoke nutritional consultations, focusing on realistic, achievable, diet and lifestyle changes. All consultations offer an approach that is both supportive and inspiring, whilst underpinned by a high level of clinical and professional skill. Everything NutriChoice provides is unique to you and specifically tailor made to your nutritional needs.

What can you expect from your appointments? Only the best!

Consultation 1 - Personal assessment

Summary; you talk, I listen (make notes), ask questions, we discuss.... the journey begins

Duration - 1 hour

Prior to your initial consultation you will receive a detailed questionnaire and a 3 day food diary for completion. You simply bring this information along to your first visit. We will spend time together gathering further detail around the information you have provided. This process is an integral part of building a thorough picture of your past/present health, dietary habits and lifestyle. I will assess potential nutrient deficiencies and may suggest functional clinical tests, to ascertain underlying factors that may be hindering your health. Preliminary dietary advice will also be provided. After this consultation we will arrange to meet approximately 2 weeks later where you will receive your personalised nutrition programme.

Assessment also provides the basis for referral to a licensed physician or other healthcare professional if necessary.

Consultation 2 - Personal programme

Summary; I talk, you listen (no need to make notes, I've done it for you!) ask questions, we discuss ....the journey just gets better

Duration - 1 - 1.5 hours

Having thoroughly evaluated all the information provided during consultation 1, I will discuss my findings, providing you with a comprehensive and detailed explanation regarding your current health concerns in relation to your nutritional intake/nutritional requirements and dietary excesses/shortfalls. From this analysis I will have composed a realistic, individually tailored nutrition programme that will focus on addressing your main considerations. You will receive your personal nutritional file containing your nutrition and health report, fact sheets and practical shopping/eating guidelines. A supplement programme specifically formulated for your individual requirements, may be advised. Non invasive clinical tests may be recommended either during consultation 1 or consultation 2.

Consultation 3 - Follow up assessment

Summary; Tweaks and changes

Duration - 1 hour

This consultation enables assessment of how the nutritional programme is benefiting you, looking closely at whether changes are required and realistically what does and doesn't work for you. Alterations to any supplements advised may be required. At this stage some clients require minimal changes others will require more comprehensive changes to their programme dependant on their health concerns, improvements and compliance.

Parting is such sweet many visits?

Consultation attendance is dependent on a variety of key factors such as reasons for visit, your compliance and duration/complication of health concerns. For some, 2 consultations are sufficient whilst on average 3-4 consultations may be necessary. In some cases nutritional therapy can bring immediate improvements and for others gradual; you may find that you experience initial improvements that then slow down or even the reverse of this scenario.

Equipping you with gems of nutrition knowledge means you can walk away making informed choices, with an understanding of the intrinsic link between health and nutrition!

The 3 C's......Consistent Client Care

Between appointments you can be assured that you are welcome to contact myself at NutriChoice either via email or telephone with further enquiries or concerns. I recognise that key to client compliance and success can be additional support and motivation.

Conforming not for you? Let me introduce the alternatives.....

Home visits

In certain circumstances home visits for one to one consultations are available.

Kitchen cupboard clearout!

If you feel you could benefit from advice on food choices that dominate your kitchen cupboards, together with supermarket shopping guidance, then this could be an option for you. After a brief telephone consultation, I will meet with you at your home; talk you through healthy eating ideas and with your involvement advice accordingly on the food choices found in your kitchen. I'll even join you on a supermarket trip, supporting and advising your food shopping choices. Upon request I'll provide you with your own personal healthy eating guidelines for future reference. Time schedule and cost for this service varies according to individual requirements. You specify your needs and tailor make this experience!

Let's get the party started!

Do you have a group of friends or even family members that could benefit from nutritional advice? Perhaps you are part of a mother and baby group, women wellness group, dance company, sports team or ante natal/post natal exercise group? I will visit your group armed with resources and a wealth of nutritional knowledge! My aim is to provide you and your group members with factual dietary advice whilst dispelling the myths in the comfort of your own surroundings!

As before, time schedule and cost for this service varies according to the party requirements. You specify your main priorities to address during the gathering and I'll tailor make this experience!


In addition, I offer seminars and workshops, sharing advice, ideas and recommendations, specifically created for schools (parents & children), mother and baby groups, ante natal and post natal groups, colleges, businesses & corporate companies.

NutriChoice.....removing the guess work from nutrition choices