What is Nutritional Therapy?

What exactly you are investing in when it comes to nutritional therapy? The investment is in you, what could be more worthwhile than that?

Let the nutritional therapy explanation begin......

Nutritional therapy involves the application of nutrition and health science. The aim is to encourage the clients individual ability to maximize their full health potential, through addressing nutritional status, dietary intake and lifestyle. Nutritional therapy recognises that each individual has their very own unique dietary and nutritional requirements whilst focusing on pin pointing underlying factors rather than simply working with symptom presentation. By taking a detailed account of each clients current health, health history, family health and dietary intake, work commences to enhance the patients innate ability to return the body to a state of equilibrium and good health.

Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have repeatedly been shown to be supportive to the health of major systems of the body such as; digestive, immune, nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, reproductive, hormone and respiratory. The use of food and lifestyle changes has been recognised as a principle component of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

At NutriChoice emphasis is placed on realistic nutritional advice with sustainable goals.

To supplement or not to supplement?

The answer is, not always. Nutritional therapy does not rely on supplements for health benefits. A supplement programme will only be suggested if believed beneficial to the individual. It is important to keep in mind that once signs of compromised health appear, nutritional recommendations alone may not, initially, be enough to return the patient to optimum health. In such circumstances, supplements will be discussed as a supportive option and if approved as the right course of action an individually tailored (making you feel special!) supplement programme will be devised.

Functional Laboratory tests

Functional tests can be an effective tool in determining underlying factors involved in health concerns. Such results can be a pivotal tool in establishing a targeted nutritional therapy programme. Should functional tests be the right course of action for you, I will provide you with thorough test explanation and interpretation, ensuring you clearly understand every aspect of your recommended test and the results (added extra specialness!) Do not fear I am deprived of the specialness, I get to work alongside some of the most reputable functional test labs available and this means we all benefit, happy faces all round!

Functional tests available include:
  • Female hormone panel testing
  • Digestive function investigations
  • Food intolerance/sensitivity testing
  • Hair mineral analysis
  • Comprehensive stool analysis
  • Urinary organic acid analysis

Please note that both supplements and functional laboratory tests are not included in the consultation fee.

Who visits?

Nutritional therapists work with clients who have wide ranging health concerns. One of the many benefits of seeking nutritional therapy advice is that it can work wonderfully alongside the use of conventional medicine and other complimentary therapies.